Annual Meeting and Pre-Party

Annual Meeting and Pre-Party

This year we will achieve two firsts. We will have our first Annual Meeting using the Zoom videoconference system and we will have the first ever pre-party before the Annual Meeting. The pre-party will be the Sunday prior to the Saturday Annual meeting. The purpose of the rehearsal/pre-party is to practice getting everyone into the Zoom meeting and to understand how we will conduct the meeting. Cocktails are optional but if we are under control and have time, we might try some social interaction.

Though many of us are familiar with Zoom, we have the additional challenge of being remote. Mark will “host” the Zoom meetings, admitting people, etc. while I preside. Martha Moyer, Board Secretary, will call roll and tally votes in addition to taking minutes, again, all remotely.

• Sunday August 2
• 4:30p EDT. Tune in at 4:20
• Instructions and Zoom link will come this week. Password required.
• You will use the blue hand to respond or indicate your desire to speak
• To avoid chaos, when the meeting starts, everyone will be muted except for the speaker recognized by the chair.

Annual Meeting
• Saturday August 8
• 4:30p EDT. Tune in a 4:20
• Zoom link will come. Password required
• Blue hand will be used to respond to roll call, vote, or signal desire to speak.
• All muted except for speaker.

Jim Carr, President
Castle Park Association Board of Trustees

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