Board Approves Assessment

As mentioned in my last post, the construction company which will be working on Castle Beach has begun bringing in equipment so that they can complete construction of the retaining wall. Once the retaining wall is complete, the construction staging of the revetment will move to the water. Their plan is to complete the entire project before Memorial Day.

Now that the CPA board has had a chance to fully review the bid/contract from DK Construction along with the prospective cashflow, it has approved an assessment of $3,100 per cottage to pay for the projects at North Beach and Castle Beach. The assessment will be invoiced around or shortly after April 1. As you may recall, members of the Association approved an assessment of about $3,500 per cottage at the 2018 Annual Meeting. Because of the work of Dick Shepard, the beach committee, the CPA Board of Trustees, and the finance committee we are thrilled to be able to keep the assessment lower than expected while maintaining a strong financial position.

As always, please email if you have any questions or concerns.

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