Board Update

Board Update

The CPA Board met by teleconference on June 6, 2020 to address current events affecting CP.

Michigan is gradually relaxing restrictions but continues with social-distancing and protection protocols. The Covid crisis is not over. The Board approved guidelines and schedules for use of facilities and pool. Please watch for placards and follow the rules. We continue to monitor Executive Orders from the Governor and are planning to open facilities consistent with what is allowed, safe and works for CP. Details on what is available, open and planned in CP will come when available. Pool opening is targeted for June 26.

Regarding short-term rentals, The Board, once again, does not want to interfere with private matters or make legal interpretations, but notes that Michigan Executive Order 2020-110 (which rescinds 2020-96) may be of interest to those wishing to rent their cottages. Renting owners also need to be aware of the 2020 Laketown Township regulations regarding registration of rental property.

Carter P. Brown Legacy Preservation Fund (The Fund)
The Board has received questions regarding postings (December and May) on the CPA website on behalf of The Fund. The Fund (whose directors are Castle Parkers) has the potential for a meaningful impact on CP and I, as President of the Board, felt that allowing some information to reach members through the Website was appropriate as The Fund began its work. While The Board applauds the intentions of The Fund and its directors, we need to now focus on protecting CPA as well. Last Wednesday we had a video-meeting with our accountant to better understand the risks to our organization presented by a relationship with The Fund and how we should behave to mitigate such risks if we engage. The Board recognizes the need to keep an arm’s-length relationship with The Fund, an entity separate from CPA, and will not facilitate their mission using CPA assets (e.g. website). In the near future we will deliver a position paper on this subject for the benefit of CPA members. CPA and The Board face no imminent decisions regarding The Fund, but I encourage the membership to become knowledgeable on the subject so we are prepared when the time comes.

Jim Carr, President
Castle Park Board of Trustees

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