Construction Deadline June 18

In the recent Banner I included a quick reminder on the June 18 stop date for construction. Recent walks around CP remind me that we still have a lot of construction under-way and I thought it appropriate to elaborate a little more. Perhaps we can avoid conflict between neighbors and unnecessary complaints to the Board. Construction activity must stop on June 18. Please allow time for removal of equipment, materials and porta-potty. And no, quieter or indoor construction activity is not excepted. Noise is, of course, a big reason for this moratorium, but we also seek to preserve the quiet and aesthetics of CP without construction traffic and to keep the neighborhood safe as our population of youngsters grows. Young workmen might not understand the safety needs of CP as they hurry to their jobsites. — When Paulette and I built we asked our contractor about the project schedule and deadline every time we spoke during the final months of construction. We think this made the point better than just covering it at the start and hoping.  Thanks, and Good Luck!

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