Details for Attending and Participating in the CP Zoom Meetings

What an interesting year it has been and who could have imagined when it began that we would be doing our 2020 Annual meeting by Zoom.  This posting will provide the details you need for both our Party/Rehearsal and the 2020 Annual meeting.

The invitation for both meetings  is here in this link:
The password is:
 You can also login with the “join the meeting” option and for that you will need the 10 digit meeting code which is:
330 479 6708,   same password: Caleb
Jim Carr has already provided some key details, however since this is a new experience for some of our members, I would like to remind you of these:

• Sunday August 2
• 4:30p EDT. Tune in at 4:20
• Instructions and Zoom link will come this week. Password required.
• You will use the blue hand to respond or indicate your desire to speak
• To avoid chaos, when the meeting starts, everyone will be muted except for the speaker recognized by the chair.

Annual Meeting
• Saturday August 8
• 4:30p EDT. Tune in a 4:20
• Zoom link will come. Password required
• Blue hand will be used to respond to roll call, vote, or signal desire to speak.
• All muted except for speaker.

In order to help make the meeting more enjoyable and productive, I have put together a few tips that can be accessed via the enclosed links.

CPA Zoom Instructions

Tips for a Successful Zoom Meeting

The second quarter financial reports and some committee reports will be posted on the website next week.  You will be notified when those are ready to view.

I look forward to seeing you at our rehearsal party this Sunday and of course at our real live 2020 Annual Meeting via Zoom on Saturday, August 8th.

In the meantime if you have questions regarding Zoom operations, please feel free to contact me via email.

Bonnie R Lawson
Manager, Castle Park Association

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