Evening Sing Project

To all Singers:
As many of you know, over the years there have been several very successful Evening Sings, based on a book of songs gathered by George Ross, and often led by Ned Jannotta and a group of other singing enthusiasts. Some of us have thought it would be fun to revive this tradition. However, the Ross book, with the lyrics of 190 mostly old-time songs, needs a bit of weeding, culling out unremembered turn-of-the century (turn of the last century that is) songs and augmenting with some of the many wonderful and singable songs of more recent years. We have initiated a small project with the objective of getting an evening sing on the calendar early next summer. Anyone interested in participating in this project, particularly those who could suggest some more recent songs, please contact Bob Palmer (616-335-3303 in season or 917-806-8658 anytime.)

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