Fall Update

Season’s Greetings Castle Parkers:

The Board met (by teleconference) on November 21. I am updating you now on a few key things.

The November Board meeting is always focused on the budget; wrapping up the old and planning the new. For 2021 we again found a balance between keeping dues low and under control while acknowledging rising costs of everything. We voted to raise dues $100 (2.9%) to $3500 annually on the basic dues effective for 2021. (The ongoing Board assessment is an additional $309.) Invoices will go out in January and are due upon receipt. Our financial reports will be posted on the website in January when the year is closed out.

Carter P. Brown Legacy Preservation Fund
Finding that we could not answer ourselves all the questions we had, the Board engaged an attorney for advice on how to deal with the Fund. The attorney (and other CPA reviewers) helped us come to terms with several issues and we passed a resolution in our meeting establishing the Board position regarding the Fund. The resolution is linked HERE.

CPA Bylaws
It is a good year for lawyers. The bylaws team of the Long Range Planning Committee also engaged an attorney, plus other Castle Parkers, to assist with drafting updated bylaws. We need to have our updated bylaws in place before we update our Articles of Incorporation. Bylaws, of course, are made with a vote of the Association so we target getting this done at the Annual Meeting next August. When the bylaws proposal is provided to the Association in May, please review and ask your questions so we can be prepared to vote in August.

I wish you all the best for the remaining holidays. Be safe and have fun.

Jim Carr, President
Board of Trustees, Castle Park Association

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