Laurie & Howard Bustle Apply for CPA Membership

Laurie and Howard Bustle have completed the construction of their new home on Lovers Lane and are applying for membership through their new place. From the Bustles:

“Laurie and Howard would like to apply for membership in the Castle Park Association. Laurie’s family has been around CP for over 100 years, with Howard arriving 40 years ago. We have all (including our children) been involved in helping CP for years. Amphitheater, Library, Playclass, Bingo and that fabulous party the first Sunday in August. In fact Laurie’s Great Uncle Paul used to own the Castle with Carter Brown. You all should know us and if you don’t, stop in and meet us.”

As we have become familiar with this process recently, our bylaws require a comment period before the Board of Trustees vote on their admission to the Castle Park Association. Please submit comments to The Bustles are sponsored by Nancy Shepard and Martha Laughna endorses their application.

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