Library 2020

The library is open for brief browsing, checking out and returning books and materials. This is a time for exceptional caution. Please limit prolonged time spent in this small library room that has limited ventilation. We suggest following CDC best practice guidelines of physical distancing, washing hands before and after handling items in the library, and covering your mouth and nose with a cloth face mask when around others. A hand sanitizer dispenser is available at the front door entrance of the Castle. Please limit occupancy in the library to four people at a time maximum.

There is insufficient evidence that spraying or wiping the outside of a book with Lysol. alcohol or bleach is sufficient to denature biological particles from a book surface. Nonetheless, alcohol and paper towels are available for your use, located on the fireplace mantle. The American Library Association suggests that time is the best defense in disinfecting library books. For this reason, please place all book returns on the dining room table just outside the library entrance. This table is the dedicated ‘quarantine’ space for returned and newly donated books. Book donations are always appreciated. Please donate books from your current collections. The library has many of the classics and welcomes the new releases!

Our library is a Castle Park treasure that runs so well because of the volunteers behind the scenes. The current group of volunteers is smaller this year and they welcome new faces, young and old, to join their helping hands. If interested in helping with the library, contact Mary Blossom.

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