the70+ Year olds Birthday Party Blast

AUGUST 7, Saturday 8:00p. On our, 50th, 60th and now our 70th DECADE BIRTHDAY PARTY BLAST, we are having the live band “HIP POCKET” play once more on the Dance Dune for all of CASTLE PARK. The 70 year olds are celebrating another decade (plus 1 year! ) Everyone is invited. BYOB
We all invite you!
Nancy Shepard, Jim Carr, Amy and Peter Malin, Crispin van ZeeBroeck, Steve Nobel, Keeler Thompson, Stephanie Whitbeck, Katie Nelson, Jim Nicholson, Sally and Ernie Kelly, Michael Fossel, John Amberg, Betsy Clarke, Susie Rea, Holly Hall, Nancy and Stephen Outerbridge, Nancy and Steve Steketee, Leigh and Doug Conant, Lynda and Tom Clement

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