2022 Updates for South Beach Use and Access

South Beach (2021)

With summer soon upon us, South Dune residents again welcome Castle Park residents to the beach. Please make note of the following South Beach guidelines:


  • We encourage all to arrive by foot.
  • Golf carts may be used on the Paddle Court access road should they be required. Note that this road provides emergency vehicle access and must be kept clear of parked carts. There is room for a maximum of four parked carts – please park in a single row at the bottom of hill / end of the drive. (If you arrive and find here are already 4 parked carts; please turn around and park at the castle.)
  • NO CARS: Please do not attempt to access South Beach via South Cherry street with your automobile, even for drop off/pick up. There is limited opportunity for turnaround, and absolutely no parking. (Parking is available behind the castle if needed.)
Stuff (chairs, umbrellas, toys, etc):
  • Beach Chairs:
    South Dune will provide a rack and chairs at the beach entrance during the season. You are welcome to use these chairs during your visit to the beach; please return them to the rack after your use.  Please note that this rack is for SDC provided chairs only. If you wish to use your own chair, please pack it in and out.
  • Pack in / Pack out:
    To keep the beach and court areas in a natural state for all, please pack in and out any toys, beach chairs, umbrellas and other equipment you wish to enjoy on the beach.
Abandoned items will be disposed of. If you wish to leave a SUP or kayak near the paddle tennis court for the season, contact ben.b.watson@me.com.

General Guidelines:
  • Please protect the dunes: access the beach via the sand ladder.
  • Please clean up after your dog, and keep leashed when others are present.
  • No amplified music.
  • No open fires at any time.
  • Please keep the beach and paddle areas clean; pack out your trash or use the trash cans near the warming hut.
  • REMINDER: no cars are permitted to park anywhere on the South Hill road.

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