Clement Application for CPA Membership

Tom and Lynda Clement have closed on the Fulenwider cottage and have applied to CPA. They are being sponsored by Sugie Young and endorsed by Dick and Susan Muzzy. Per CPA bylaws we will have a 45 day comment period during which comments can be made to Board Members. At the conclusion of the comment period the Board will vote on membership.

Tom and Lynda Clement Bio

I grew up in Perrysburg Ohio and Lynda in Grosse Pointe Michigan.  We met at Hillsdale College and were married shortly after graduation.  Perrysburg was our home for 18 years while I operated a manufacturing business in Toledo.  We found our way to Castle Park visiting friends and made it our full-time home after buying our own cottage in 1987. Lynda’s interest in horses took us to Wellington, Florida during the winters and it now is our home.

Two years ago we decided to buy an existing retail store in Douglas which keeps us busy in the winters (buying) and summers (in the store). It’s a lot of fun for us.

Henley and Greer are both married and live n Chicago, IL and Index, WA respectively.  We have a new granddaughter named Ellie.  Lynda and I are very much looking forward to spending family time in Castle Park with our daughters and their husbands, and now ELLIE!


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