Amphitheater Event ~ “You Had Me at Cello”

The Gielow Family has been coming to Castle Park since Bob Gielow (1919-2013) was a child, circa 1925. Later in his life, Castle Park became a tradition for his own young family. Bob and his wife Nancy (1926-2006), children, Steve, Marnie and John Gielow spent their childhood summers making regular visits to Castle Park. In the 1990’s, Nancy and Bob Gielow purchased the Barber cottage and since that time, their children, spouses {Steve (Redwood City, California), Marnie & Fernando (Chicago, Illinois), John & Dianna (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)} and four grandchildren, Beto, D’Laney, Matthew & Tieg, have made many memorable moments over the years at Castle Park.

One of the their grandkids, Tieg Gielow, is inviting you to attend a (free) cello concert at the Castle Park amphitheater this Tuesday night at dusk (7:00 – 8:00 PM). With enough time, not to miss the big event of the day, the sunset.

Below, a brief bio about the musician, Tieg Gielow.

Tieg grew-up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has played the cello since the age of 12. (He actually plays his grandmothers, Nancy’s, cello.) Now at 25 years of age, Tieg currently studies the cello at a conservatory in Madrid Spain. He is trained classically and has a wide ranging repertoire of music covering the classics to contemporary. As a result, he has an eclectic take on music ranging from traditional classical pieces to more contemporary jams. He enjoys playing his music for audiences of all ages.

Hope to see you Tuesday night!

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