Annual Meeting Outside, 4:30p Saturday, Castle

Covid: We thought it was over after we made it through last summer, but no. The Board continues to exercise caution and we are doing everything we can to have a safe Annual Meeting. We’ll be outside with separation and will have additional precautions and procedures in place. Masks are acceptable.

Please attend the Annual Meeting on Saturday. I respect your decisions on attendance, and today’s uncertainty keeps me thinking about our quorum. If there is a chance (or you are certain) that your cottage might not be represented, please execute a proxy so we can be assured we have a quorum and can get our business done. The agenda includes the election of trustees to the Board and a vote on amending the bylaws. Proxy procedures are on my recent CPA website messages about the meeting.

Recent news tells us that we do have Covid-delta in Allegan County, so I’ll close with my plea from last summer: If anyone has or suspects Covid exposure/infection, please act accordingly to protect yourself, family, and others. An alert within CP could be very helpful if there is a Covid risk. Call me.

I’ll see you at the meeting.

Jim Carr, President, CPA

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