Annual Meeting Saturday, August 14, 4:30p at the Castle

Please attend the CP Association Annual Meeting on Saturday.  The agenda includes the election of trustees to the Board and a vote on amending the bylaws.  If you cannot attend, please give your proxy to someone who represents your opinion or to me.   Your proxy will be included as we count attendance for a quorum. We need a quorum to have the meeting.

The proxy form and the draft bylaws are on the CPA website under “Association,” then “Bylaws, News, Reports.”  To make it easy, here are links:

Annual Meeting Agenda


Draft Bylaws

DRAFT-2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

2021-07 Income/Expense Report

2021-07 Balance Sheet 

Whether the proxy is for me or your friend, please email the document to Suzanne Dixon (  If you want to risk sending it by “snail mail” please send to the CP Association address, 6690 Edwards, Holland, MI  49423. Finally, if you are not sure about whether you will attend the meeting, please send in your proxy.  It can be revoked when you arrive or when you answer “here.”

The draft bylaws have been available for a couple of months, and we have had two review sessions at the Castle.  Acting on Member comments since we released the draft, we have added a definition of “Immediate Family” and corrected an inconsistency in “Ownership Entities.”

I’ll see you there.


Jim Carr, President, CPA

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