Application for Membership in CPA

Chris and Mary Bauder have purchased the Gielow cottage and applied for membership. Per CPA bylaws, Art II, Sec 6, there will be a 45 day period for comments after which the Board will vote on membership.

The Bauders are sponsored by Steve and Judy Kernahan with confirmation by Tom and Katie Ford.

If there are questions or comments please contact the sponsors or me, as appropriate. Information about the family follows this introduction.

Thanks, Jim Carr, President, CPA Board of Trustees.


Mary Bauder first began visiting Castle Park in the 1980s as a guest of her college roommates, staying at the Swain Cottage over successive summers. More recently, Mary and her children visited Castle Park in the late ‘90s on summers back from the family’s time living overseas. The Bauders have also stayed at several cottages for week long periods after permanently moving back home to Lake Forest in 2007. Mary and Chris already know several Castle Park families, including the Kernahans, Tom and Katie Ford, and Ross and Eleanor Jannotta. They have come to love the setting, the people and the feel of Castle Park.

The Bauders are are currently residents of Lake Forest, IL and have lived there since 2007. Chris is the CEO of Weiman Products LLC, based in Gurnee, Illinois. They have 3 sons – William (23) who works in the digital marketing group at Wilson Sporting Goods in Chicago; Luke (21) who is finishing his senior year at The University of Richmond; and Owen (16 ), who is a junior at Lake Forest High School.

The family has visited and stayed at Castle Park over the years. They also belong to The Winter Club (along with Kernahans and Jannottas), and enjoy playing paddle tennis, tennis and pickle ball. Previously, they have been members of Fox Hills Golf Club (Surrey, England), Valle Arriba Clube dos Golf (Caracas, VZ), Itahanga Golf Club (Rio de Janeiro).

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