Republic recycling

If you were in Castle Park on Tuesday, and received your yellow recycling bags, please note the hang tag included with the bag. Republic is no longer accepting glass bottles in its recycling program. This is unfortunate as I’m sure there are a lot of glass bottles put in recycling each summer at Castle Park!…

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Independence Day Flag Raising

Hey everybody! The board has approved us to have a flag raising on Saturday, July 4 at 10:30am in order to commemorate Independence Day. We will have a short ceremony and a few words from board president, Jim Carr (so don’t be late!). Please be aware that it’s expected that family/households can be together, but…

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Independence Day Flag Raising and Other Weekend Highlights

Don’t forget to come to the post office at 10:45am to participate in the Independence Day flag raising featuring Marine vet, Aaron Weiss. There will be a second flag raising on Saturday just prior to Field Day. Also, the board is hosting a Q & A about the proposed bylaws changes on Friday, July 5…

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