DeYoung Application for CPA Membership

Stephen and Emily DeYoung have moved into their home on Indian Pipe Circle and are applying for membership in CPA. They are sponsored by Dick Muzzy and Rick and Linda Brown. There will be a 45-day period during which CPA Members can comment to the Board regarding the application. After that time the Board will…

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Construction Deadline June 18

In the recent Banner I included a quick reminder on the June 18 stop date for construction. Recent walks around CP remind me that we still have a lot of construction under-way and I thought it appropriate to elaborate a little more. Perhaps we can avoid conflict between neighbors and unnecessary complaints to the Board.…

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Bickley Application for CPA Membership

Taryn Bickley is applying for membership in the Castle Park Association. She has purchased the former Dempsey cottage on S. Audubon. Taryn is being sponsored by Gil and Tinker Judson and Duncan and Kirsten Jackson. There will be a 45-day period during which Members can make comments to the Board. After that the Board will…

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Conant Applicatiin for CPA Membership

The good news keeps coming! Tyler Conant has applied for CPA membership, having bought the McIntire (formerly Rea) cottage. Tyler is being sponsored by Dick and Susan Muzzy and Dick and Nancy Shepard. There will be a 45 day comment period during which CPA members can make comments to the Board. Following that the Board…

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