Beach Update

During the informational meeting held over Memorial Day weekend an update regarding the beach construction was provided.

  1. Jim Pruyn explained the process which the private landowners followed to conclude that the revetment be built.
  2. Mary Ireland communicated the strategy that the CPA board took to reach some very important decisions regarding the erosion issue at the North Beach stair area and Castle Beach.
  3. Dick Shepard presented the facts regarding erosion along the lake and discussed the preliminary findings for potential erosion control at Castle Beach.
  4. Mark Fuller confirmed that the finance committee will take a leadership role in establishing a financing plan for the projects at the North Beach access and Castle Beach.

The most important components which were communicated were:

  • After thorough consideration, the CPA Board agreed that the responsibility for caring for lakefront assets which are commonly available to, and used by, all CPA members should be shared equally by all CPA members.
  • Construction of the revetment being built from Thier to Palmer-North, including North Beach access, will be staged from the water and will take place over the summer as this is an emergency situation. In addition, the construction must take place all at once and neither the spring nor fall building seasons provide enough time to complete construction.
  • Subsequent to the informational meeting, members of the finance committee met and agreed in principle with a plan to assess members for most of the cost of the lakefront protection projects. Timing of the Castle Cove project is still uncertain, but the most likely time frame for the assessment would be early next year. Funds from the CPA Capital Reserve account will be used to help underwrite the cost of the projects, but most will need to come from members. We estimate the projects could cost as much as $350,000.

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