Business Contacts

Business Contacts

Contact Information:

Castle Park Association
6690 Edwards
Holland, MI 49423

Note: FedEx, Airborne and UPS, will NOT deliver to the 6690 Edwards address. When you are using these carriers to send Castle Park Association business items only (not items to cottages) you will need to use Mark & Bonnie Lawson’s address below.

Association Managers:

Mark & Bonnie Lawson
4501 66th Street
Holland, MI 49423
Telephone: 616.335.2630

Social Information

Social Events: 616.335.8958

Tennis Shop: 616.335.8744

Emergency Telephones:

Fire / Police / Ambulance: 911

Coast Guard: 399.9330

Allegan County Sheriff (non emergency): 269.673.3899

Fire Permits – Laketown Township: 335.3050
(also, please see Rules & Regs Page)

Cottage Services:

Tatlock Property Services – Daniel Tatlock
1076 Alden Ct
Holland, MI 49423
Cell Phone: 616.836.7000