Carter P Brown Legacy Preservation Fund Established to Preserve and Protect

Once again, Castle Parkers have risen to provide financial support to recover and preserve the last available part of the original Castle Park Reserve. We are grateful to everyone for their generosity. The one-acre parcel at the east end of the easterly field has been acquired, and now awaits landscaping to its natural state, next Spring.

This important step paved the way toward establishing the Carter P Brown Legacy Preservation Fund, a lasting tribute to Carter and Marion Brown — to preserve and protect that which they loved so much and means so much to all Castle Parkers. Acquisition of the one-acre parcel is the first act for the new Fund. Recently incorporated as a nonprofit, the Fund’s initial directors are Dick Muzzy, Bob Burton and Steve Nobel.

The purpose of The Fund is to support the restoration and preservation of historic buildings and landscape within the Castle Park Reserve and the conservation and protection of both wildlife habitat and the environmentally sensitive back dunes of northwest Laketown Township.

For example, the Fund may be used in the future for:
preservation of the historic exterior of the Castle, Post Office, Meeting House, Ebenezer’s Barn, and other historic buildings;
protection of forest and shoreline habitat such as the Hope College Nature Preserve which includes 55 acres adjacent to the southeast corner of Castle Park;

For added clarity, let us describe the Fund further:

This is your fund – everyone young and old who shares the deep sense of belonging here. We are simply putting it together, acting as directors and helping to ensure that it gets up and running.

It is a vehicle to which all of us can preserve the historic and natural legacy through future contributions, estate plans, wills or annual giving to preserve for posterity Castle Park’s heritage.

It is not a committee of the Association or substitute for dues, assessments or other capital needs that the Association determines. It may however reduce the need for extraordinary fund-raising for historic or preservation needs.

It will coordinate with the Association, but for legal, financial and tax reasons, it will be independent.

The Fund is a nonprofit corporation and has applied for exemption from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. Whether donations will be deductible for federal income tax purposes remains to be seen but we are actively engaged in an effort to earn that status. More information is available upon request.

Once again, thanks to everyone who wants to preserve and protect that which means so much to all Castle Parkers.

Carter P Brown Legacy Preservation Fund
Steve Nobel, Secretary/Treasurer

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