Castle Beach Revetment Moves Forward

Recently your board of directors selected a contractor to construct the revetment at Castle Beach. This came on the heels of the US Army Corps of Engineers’ approval of our project. With all permitting in place, we are finalizing a contract with DK Construction of Holland to build our protection on Castle Beach as well as to prepare the area for steps to be installed so that we can access the beach, when there is some. Our expectation is that the construction will be complete before Memorial Day. The beginning phase of the project will be staged from above the beach near the stair landing. Once they have installed the steel retaining wall on the bank, DK will stage the installation of the armorstone revetment from the water.

At the 2018 Annual Meeting, the Castle Park Association membership voted in favor of issuing a special assessment to fund this project as well as to recapture the funds already spent to reinforce the bank at the bottom of the north beach stairs. We are working with the finance committee, Dick Shepard, and Bonnie Lawson to establish the timing as well as the actual amount of the assessment. It is expected that the board will issue the assessment on April 1, amount TBD, not to exceed the maximum approved at the annual meeting.

As always, if you have questions or concerns regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact a board member.

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