Castle Park in a COVID-19 World

Until now the Board has taken a “wait-and-see” approach to activity and plans in CP. We previously made the decision to allow nothing over the Memorial Day Weekend and we’ll have our May meeting by remote video-conference. As summer approaches, we felt it appropriate to make some decisions that allow Castle Parkers and our staff to plan. The Board met Thursday evening by remote video-conference and decided the following:

1) There will be no planned or sponsored CPA activities before the 4th of July.

2) Our inside facilities will remain closed through June.

3) The Board is cautious about July 4 and beyond. We can promise nothing.

4) The Board will monitor Michigan Executive Orders, other guidance and the progress of the COVID crisis, making decisions and adjustments as needed.

5) Regarding tennis, The Board considered health concerns, Michigan Executive Orders for stay-home, the exceptions thereto, the recognition by our government of the benefits of outdoor activity while practicing social-distance, the USTA guidelines for safe-play, and the private nature of our courts, and decided to initially allow tennis, with the requirement that all players abide by the USTA guidelines and additional restrictions for CP. Those two documents can be found with links USTA and CP Tennis, and will be posted at the courts. Four tennis courts will be available soon. We need 100% compliance and we have the enforcement mechanism of removing the nets. Your Board takes this seriously.

One of the many things that makes CP special is the relatively secluded nature of our community. That seclusion does not make us immune. At the same time, another aspect of CP might make us more vulnerable. When families have the traditional summer gathering of members from all over, including adult children and their children, we risk those vectors for contamination. Please practice COVID-19 safety protocols and don’t let down your guard as your family convenes in CP. Thanks, Jim Carr, President, Castle Park Board of Trustees

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