2022 Updates for South Beach Use and Access

With summer soon upon us, South Dune residents again welcome Castle Park residents to the beach. Please make note of the following South Beach guidelines: Access: We encourage all to arrive by foot. Golf carts¬†may be used on the Paddle Court access road should they be required. Note that this road provides emergency vehicle access…

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water Level Update !

Lake Michigan is down 12 inches from Labor Day – and down 18″ from February of last year :)) The attached pictures of South and North Beach were taken March 8. Both are between 75 and 100 feet wide. Castle Beach will be dry beach all summer at current water levels :))

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Last call for directory updates!

Deadline is this Friday, March 11 to make any updates to your online directory profile. The annual hardcopy directory will come out again in May, and in order for us to have accurate information, we count on members to update their profiles on the Castle Park website. This is where all the hardcopy directory data…

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The Beach

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