Playclass Age Clarification

Hi all! There has been some confusion about the ages for playclass and to prevent further confusion and to be super clear, here are the parameters for playclass. Please don’t hesitate to contact me you have any questions at all. PLAYCLASS AGE BRACKETS Children age 4-12 are campers. Children age 13-14 are CITs or babysitters.…

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Playclass !!!!

Calling all kiddos! Playclass is ready to start on June 27 and will go until August 13th. Please welcome Toni Poulos, Hannah Sarli, Alexa Borgman & Ava McBride. Playclass is open for children 4-12 years old (all children need to have turned 4 in order to attend). The hours are 9:30am-12:00pm. Parents need to come…

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