Conant Applicatiin for CPA Membership

The good news keeps coming! Tyler Conant has applied for CPA membership, having bought the McIntire (formerly Rea) cottage. Tyler is being sponsored by Dick and Susan Muzzy and Dick and Nancy Shepard. There will be a 45 day comment period during which CPA members can make comments to the Board. Following that the Board will vote on accepting Tyler as a member. Tyler has provided the following information:

Dear Castle Park Friends,

Tyler Conant here. I’m excited to submit this proposal for membership. As most of you know, this fall I purchased Top O’Pine at 4541 Hemlock Drive from the McIntire family and look forward to spending more time in Castle Park in the days to come.
Our family bought our first cottage in Castle Park over 30 years ago, acquiring the Covell cottage, on then North Cherry Street, now Hemlock. Then about 6 years ago, my parents acquired the Roose cottage on Amphitheater and redeveloped that corner, across the street from our original cottage.

I grew up in Castle Park every summer- attending and helping out at Play Class, playing tennis, swimming at the pool and in the lake, and, on occasion, working for Mark. Along the way, I have made many life long friends. I currently live in New York City and work as a freelance creative person for the advertising agency, “72 and Sunny”.

During this pandemic, I have found that virtually all of my work can be done remotely so I am hopeful that I will be able to spend more time here during the “off season”.
So far, so good.

Susan Muzzy and Dick and Nancy Shepard have kindly agreed to sponsor my application for membership.

I eagerly look forward to this new chapter of my Castle Park life.

Tyler Conant

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