Coronavirus and CP

COVID -19 is being felt in CP. We have no known infections but here is a status report:
-High Season is starting early. CPers are populating cottages to shelter-in-place in CP.
-Michigan has a shutdown through April 13.
-Allegan County reported the first infection last Sunday; 85 year old woman,
-Rules of social-distancing apply, of course. As CPers come from all parts of the U.S. it will be particularly important to be cognizant and use common sense.
-The paddle court is locked and off limits.
-Bonnie and Mark are doing 14-day quarantine, having returned from the U.K.
-Summer schedule is TBD.
-CPA is a social club not a government. The Board and I are not telling anyone what to do. We ask that everyone use good judgement so CP can have a chance of having a nice summer season.

There are new rules in Laketown regarding rentals, including permits, inspections and fees.

Jim Carr
President, CPA Board of Trustees

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