Covid-19 Update (Rentals)

Michigan Executive Order 2020-77 extends the restrictions under which we have been operating until May 28. Item 13 states “No one shall rent a short-term vacation property except as necessary to assist in housing a health care professional aiding in response to COVID19 pandemic or a volunteer who is aiding the same.” CPA messaging has focused on CPA activity and plans, our explicit responsibility, and this rental restriction gets us into the delicate area of members’ private property. I am providing this alert to all as a courtesy, as some owner/members in other states might not have the details on Michigan regulations and executive orders. In addition, I hope that CPA members will abide by these rules in order to avoid conflict between renters who are not supposed to be there but have arrived with expectations on facilities use. Please do not put CPA members, The Board, and me in the position of dealing with with a non-compliant renter in CP.

I understand that this is a big inconvenience for members who intend to rent. Covid-19 is a huge inconvenience for everyone and I’m sorry all the way around. I urge everyone who is affected by these Executive Orders to monitor them for yourselves. We’ll do what we can to keep CPA informed on matters that affect the majority of the membership.

Jim Carr, President, CPA Board of Trustees

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