Covid Alert II

When Elisabeth Palmer Norwood (Palmer/Norwood cottage, Lover’s Lane) called me yesterday about her Covid situation we knew a message should go out and discussed whether to identify the family. She was willing to go either way but we agreed to keep the identity private at the start, thinking that anonymity might encourage others in a similar situation to speak up if privacy was important. We exchanged additional messages and she agreed this morning that people should know who the family is. — Clarification: She tested positive for the infection but has shown no symptoms. This was not the antibody test. — The entire family has gotten additional tests and results will be available in 4-5 days. The number and types of tests in the family should lead to high certainty on whether this is a real or false positive. Elizabeth and Will plan to stay in the cottage, isolating between themselves and from everyone else until the test results come back. She will keep me posted and I’ll will post Castle Parkers. — I thank Elizabeth for being forthcoming about this and I encourage everyone else to follow this example if there is ANYTHING the rest of us should know.
Jim Carr, President
Castle Park Board of Trustees

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