CP History Book #3 | Questionnaire Coming Soon

Castle Park is looking forward to its quasquicentennia (125th year) in 2021, which happens to mark 25 years since the second Castle Park History book was published. That book was also published approximately 25 years after the first history book. There has been discussion about doing a third volume and updating the history of Castle Park. Since the first two history books cannot be reproduced, this is a good opportunity to update the entire historical record of Castle Park.

A committee has been formed to look into this project (Ernie Kelly, Ted Parker, Martha Dahlman, Carey Lennox, Jeanne Kane, Katherine Gregg and Margie Chism). We have held a couple of meetings and have officially launched this effort. We are dedicated to pushing forward and are hoping that all members of the Castle Park family will get behind it enthusiastically. Which leads us to the most important part of this message.

While the book will ultimately be for sale, the project will not require any expenditure of Castle Park Association funds. Of vital importance to the committee is to ensure that the community at large supports this effort and is willing to help us with photos, memorabilia, historical records etc. There may be things in your family albums or in a box somewhere in the attic that would be perfect for such a book. To address this, we will be sending to you a brief questionnaire in June which we will want returned and filled out to the best of your ability. Once we have the questionnaires returned then we can determine what the next steps will be.

Thanks for your interest. We sincerely hope this will be a project that everyone can get excited about and that becomes a worthy addition to the Castle Park History Books One (Red) and Two (Green).

Did you know that:
On June 25, 1896 Michael & Johanna Schwarz sold the Castle and all its 40 acres to John & Flora Pennell Parr for the sum of $3,000.

With best wishes,

Ernie Kelly, Ted Parker, Martha Dahlman, Carey Lennox, Jeanne Kane, Katherine Gregg and Margie Chism

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