Fall News

It sounds like many Castle Parkers are extending the summer and staying in residence at Castle Park. I am sure many of you are engaging in fall cleanup. A few things to remember:

Waste Disposal ~
1. Please do not dispose of yard waste in the woods on other people’s property. Please arrange for pickup of your yard waste by Daniel Tatlock (C: 616-836-7000). You may also be able to arrange for yard waste pickup from Chef.
2. The dumpster at the barnswallow is for household waste only. This is the only dumpster available to Castle Parkers and may not be used to dispose of large items like mattresses, furniture, etc.

Erosion Containment ~ For an important update on the progress of the beach erosion containment system, please click HERE.

Banner News ~ The Fall Banner is nearing its publishing time. Please submit your items to Martha Laughna, mlaughna@yahoo.com. We all love news on babies, weddings, summer happenings, and even encounters outside of Castle Park. Please submit your news no later than October 1. Thank you for making the Banner an excellent record of our history!

Cottage Construction ~ This is just a reminder that those of you who are considering any kind of major construction on your property must fill out a Construction Notification (click) questionnaire. While some of the questions apply to different phases of construction, please return the questionnaire as soon as possible to Steve Nobel (snobel@nobelinks.com). With so many construction projects in the works, communication is vital. This notification is intended to facilitate communication among the cottage owner, neighbors, and park managers.

Pickleball ~ Finally, a group of Castle Parkers is researching the possibility of installing a pickleball court so that Castle Parkers can partake in this very popular, growing sport. Click HERE to view a video of the fun! For more information, please contact Bill Steketee (bstek@aol.com) or Julie Wade (jfw222@gmail.com)

As always, keep in touch.

Martha Laughna
President ~ Castle Park Association

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