Greetings From Your Board

On behalf of the Board, I’m writing to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving and to give you a brief update on the November 20 Board Meeting.

We had the joy of dining together on Friday night in the Old Timers Room in front of a blazing fire, while leaves fell outside and the November moon took a slight edge off of the otherwise-total darkness. On Saturday, the OTR became our work space and we spent the full day considering and making decisions on Association matters. We’ll send a year-end message in December, but meanwhile, here are a few highlights from the meeting:

Having listened to members’ concerns about the Barnswallow renovation plan that was approved by the previous Board in August, we rescinded that approval and moved forward with a measured approach to replace the floor with concrete; to replace kitchen equipment with dollars on hand from fund raisers; and to make no changes in the existing footprint or interior layout. (Repairs and other modest improvements have been made to the adjoining tennis Pro Shop.)

We gave the go-ahead to a proposed 2022 Cottage Tour that will raise additional funds for interior improvements to the Barnswallow. The planning group welcomes additional help and any interested person should contact Cindy Fuller.

Separately we agreed to submit a request to the Carter Brown Legacy Fund for funding of the Barnswallow roof replacement, as well as replacement of the Post Office and Dune Bandstand roofs.

Our approved 2022 total operating budget is $433,304, and we approved 2022 dues at $3850. Initiation fees will be $10,000 for a new buyer of an existing cottage and $20,000 for new construction on a vacant lot. As you know, dues increases have been low or non-existent for the past decade, and we now confront the consequences of inflation as well as significant looming needs including but not limited to major maintenance on the Castle and caretakers house, laser regrading of the south tennis courts, repairs to the Meeting House and others identified by the Long Range Planning Committee’s Asset Review Subcommittee.

Finally, as the winter winds start to blow and snow begins to fall in the Park, may we all be thankful and look forward to the fun of another summer–and Cottage Tour–in Castle Park, 2022!

Beverly Burns, Chair
Chip Allen
Martha Dahlman
Suzanne Dixon
Lawrence Hedblom
Mindy Nix
John Palmer
Ted Parker
John Thier

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