Important Reminders Regarding Off-season Trash

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The last home pickup for the season will be Tuesday September 6th.

The off-season dumpster are scheduled to be placed by the Barnswallow on Wednesday or Thursday. Please DO NOT leave any trash in the area, wait till the dumpsters are placed.

The trash pickup and off-season dumpsters are NOT a provision from Castle Park Association, nor does the Association have any control over the arrangement. Laketown Township directs trash pickup for all residents.

The Association has agreed to allow Republic Services to place those dumpsters on CP property for the convenience of our members. Each member pays for that service along with their summer pick-up when they receive their annual bill from Republic Waste in the spring. There is NO provision for the dumpsters to be emptied in addition to once a week, so it is imperative that everyone cooperate with the following rules:

  • ONLY items that would fit in a typical container provided for residents with weekly roadside pick up…NOTHING ELSE
  • NO Large or numerous items from garage/cottage clear outs 
  • NO Construction trash
  • NO Yard waste
  • NO LARGE household items
  • FLATTEN CARDBOARD BOXES  A box full of air reduces available space needed by your neighbors.
  • NOTHING should be left on the ground outside the dumpsters. 
  • NO other dumpsters in the Park are available for member use. 

Please make sure your family, renters and cleaning help understand this. Also make sure that your construction contractors whether they are working on small or large jobs also understand this clearly.

Below are other options for disposal of the above restricted items:

You can contact Daniel Tatlock at 616 836-7000 at any time and arrange for a special pick up at your cottage….there will be a charge for this service.

  1. Once a year you can get a free voucher from Republic Services by stopping in at their office located at 4368 60th St, Holland, MI 49423 (this is just South of Graafscap on 60th Street/Graafschap Road.)  You will need to show ID.  The voucher allows you to dump as much as you can fit in a pick up truck (or your SUV)…and it is completely free.
  2. Yellow recycle bags can be picked up from Republic services at their office listed in item 2

Thank you for your cooperation with the arrangement for trash disposal, it will provide long term benefit for all.

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