Indian Pipe Association

The shoulder season is just around the corner. This means remodeling and construction will start up once again in Castle Park. We would like to remind everyone that Indian Pipe Circle is a private road and overflow construction vehicles and equipment trailers are not permitted to park anywhere on Indian Pipe. Please inform your contractors that they need to park in one of the designated Castle Park parking areas.

Also, please be aware that the woodchip path that runs from Indian Pipe towards the Nelson cottage is intended to be used by walkers and golf carts only. All Castle Parkers are welcome but off-road vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorbikes and horses are not permitted. We request your assistance in helping to protect both the path and habitat from inappropriate traffic.

Finally, we have noticed an increase in dogs being walked in Indian Pipe this summer including Castle Parkers and some of our surrounding neighbors. In addition to dogs we also have deer, turkey, fox and ground hogs. We ask that you please be conscience of “picking up” after you dogs. We do not provide dog mitts or trash cans so be prepared to “pack out” the poop. Thank You.

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