Late Season Updates

Late Season Updates

This year is different. We have had minimal opportunities for information exchange so I’m passing on some updates.

Castle Beach is still mostly out of service but I am including this on behalf of the owners of the private beaches we have been privileged to use. Once again, we need to get all private property, chairs, boats and gear away from the beaches and approaches for the off-season. I understand that South Dune (Beach) and North Beach owners will be aggressive this year on cleanup. They target October 1 for complete removal. If you are not here in CP you need to make arrangements privately. I also understand the plan is for abandoned gear to be taken to the dump. You’ll hear more from the Beach Committee who will assist to the extent they can. Thanks again to private beach and access owners.

The swim-area buoys in Lake Michigan will be removed September 7.

Castle and Eb’s
8:00a to 8:00p through September 20 and weekend of September 26, 27

Pool use has been extended to September 20.

It helps if you can get to Matt by next week to pay your tennis bill. This eliminates the several steps required to invoice your cottage. Unpaid bills will go to the cottage regardless of the player and the owner/member is responsible. Avoid conflict! Pay now, cash or check, payable to Castle Park Association.

Evenings through August 29, then Labor Day Weekend September 4,5,6

Labor Day (Saturday) DIY Picnic
Stand by for announcement from Cassandra

Last day of cottage trash pickup is Tuesday after Labor Day, September 8. Dumpsters at the Barnswallow will follow. Bonnie will give us more details soon.

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