News from Your Board

Dear Castle Parkers, Welcome to summer!  I don’t know about your area of the country but here in New England and in Castle Park summer weather has finally arrived after brutal winter and spring weather.  The maintenance crew has been working furiously to ready the park for the onslaught of Castle Parkers coming to start their summer off in the park.  Jalynn and others also teamed together to prepare the meeting house for the first gathering of excited playclass children last week.  The board appreciates the extraordinary efforts put in by our employees to prepare for our arrival.

Construction/Noise Moratorium

On a similar note, I just want to remind everyone that we are now in our building moratorium period.   All construction work, as well as major landscaping projects involving loud equipment, must cease.  CPA members value their quiet time while in the park.  If you have an emergency situation which requires immediate attention, please contact a board member.

Beach Construction

The beach projects are almost complete.  Please visit Castle Beach to view the extraordinary collaboration by the beach, architectural guidelines, and beautification committees.  The construction of the revetment which private landowners are installing hit a few snags along the way and, as such, our private landowners are still dealing with that construction.  The LLC which was formed to organize and execute that construction requested permission from the board to finish their much needed project during the summer.  Most of the construction will take place between the Bob Palmer and Thier cottages.  Permission was granted with the following caveats:

  1.  All construction will take place from the beach.  No construction equipment will pass through the park.
  2.  Parking for construction personnel who arrive on site by car will be provided at Ned Jannotta’s (former Bustle’s)

New Members

The Board has approved the memberships of Laurie and Howard Bustle as well as Ned Jannotta and Erika Pearsall.  Welcome to our new old members!

Bylaws Update Proposal

Finally, as the board mentioned at our May informational meeting, we are proposing some changes to the bylaws to accommodate new ownership structures (LLCs, partnerships, etc).  Our bylaws require that any changes must be approved by a vote of the entire membership.  We will present these changes for vote at the August 10th annual meeting.  To prepare for this vote we are offering a couple information sessions for members so that questions can be addressed and everyone can be prepared to vote at the annual meeting.  The first such session will be held July 5, 3:00 at the castle.  The second session will be held near the end of July, time/date ~ TBA.  Please click the links below for information regarding these changes.

The board looks forward to communicating this information to all Castle Park Association members in preparation for our upcoming vote.


Martha Laughna, President~Castle Park Association Board of Trustees



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