North Beach

Dear Castle Parker’s,

We’re having a glorious summer with one beautiful beach day after another, and fortunately our beach is still able to accommodate all of us. Some days there’s more sand to be had than others, but all in all we’ve been very fortunate this summer for our beach.

The Palmers and the Muzzy’s are happy to share our beach with all of you but we’d prefer that you not bring your dog to the beach, particularly in the afternoons when it can be crowded. Of course feel free to access the beach to walk your dog, particularly in the mornings when the beach is quiet. We do ask that your dog be on a leash as you pass through our beach area when other beach goers are present. If you feel that you must have your dog sit with you at the beach we ask that you locate yourselves at the very north end of the property by what would be the northern most buoy, by the Nature Conservancy property. Please keep your dog on a leash while going to and from the steps to your spot. We ask this for the safety and comfort of the adults and children convening at the beach.

Lastly, we’d like to remind everyone that the access to the beach is at the bottom of north steps, not the pathway by the Laughna cottage. We have erosion concerns in this narrow path to our homes.

Thank you for your attention and please share these requests with your renters, children and grandchildren. Cheers to more fantastic beach days ahead of us!

The Muzzys and Palmers


The Beach

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