Order Your Castle Park History Book Now!

Hello Castle Parkers,

As you know, we have been working on the third volume of the Castle Park history book for the past year, and it has gone to print! The book is 234 pages and contains approximately 1,000 photos of Castle Parkers over the past 25 years. Orders are being taken NOW at www.castlepark.shop. If you have already placed an order, we thank you! If not, please note the deadline is May 21, and we will only be ordering a small number of extra books. We would hate for anyone to miss out on owning a piece of history.

If you have any questions or need help placing an order, contact one of us! We will be happy to assist you.


Margie Chism – dmchism@comcast.net

Martha Dahlman – mcdahlman@gmail.com

Ted Parker – georgeedwardparker@gmail.com

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