Sad News

Bonnie alerted the Board that her mother has passed away and I now pass the sad news on to the members of the Association. This was foreseen and Bonnie has kept me posted. Bonnie and Mark will leave tomorrow (Wednesday July 8) and return the following Tuesday. Bonnie has prepared Kenny, Eli, and Cassandra to keep things going in their absence and they will remain in touch with staff while away. We members can help by keeping our requests to an absolute minimum; perhaps emergencies only. Kenny will have Bonnie’s CP phone. Please first try to find a committee that could help you or contact me before calling Kenny or emailing Bonnie, and where possible, just wait a week. Finally, please be patient. The work crew is down a man.

I have extended condolences to Bonnie on behalf of the Board and Association and wished them safe travel as they join the family during this time of family transition.

Jim Carr, President
Castle Park Board of Trustees

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