Summer 2020

The members of The Board of Trustees, Castle Park Association, have agreed to the following:

Absent any significant change in the trajectory of Covid-19 the Board does not anticipate allowing events in/on Castle Park Association facilities. Accordingly, NO EVENTS planned or scheduled in July or August involving indoor activities in Castle Park Association properties will be permitted. Further, no food service or dances are permitted in or on Castle Park Association properties. Planning and staging for a Labor Day BBQ or the Annual Meeting remain undecided at this time.

Your Board has addressed Covid-19 in several meetings and we feel it necessary to address this broadly rather than on an event or periodic basis. The entire Board wants to maintain tradition and access in CP and we have struggled with this decision, but we keep coming back to our responsibility to do what is right. CPA is a social club performing no essential services. We cannot find sufficient reason to allow additional risk to the health of members, families, guests and visitors as well as to CPA staff and our Association, by sanctioning or allowing activities which are known to increase chances of transmitting the virus.—This message is coincident with current news reports on the resurgence of cases of Covid-19 as states and municipalities are slowing, stopping and reversing the opening-up process. We are concerned that it is just a matter of time when we will see a real case pop up in CP and we don’t want that to explode into multiple infections due to a lack of caution.

The day-use of facilities will remain as they have this season.

Please be responsible, flexible and safe.

Jim Carr, President
Castle Park Board of Trustees

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