Summer 2020

-We are preparing the basics for CP summer and social calendar. We should have tennis courts (though possibly not all), pool and facilities. We have scheduled the food caterer and band for dances and will determine later if such events will occur.

-Mark and Bonnie end quarantine soon and Mark will be back at work on Monday.

-Mark and Kenny will be working to maintain and protect CP property and infrastructure. Their work is generally in the field and well separated. If members are in CP please do not approach them. If you have a question please contact Bonnie by phone or email and she will work with Mark to get a response to you.

-Memorial Day weekend looks doubtful. We have ways to convey information and I’ll look at alternatives to a physical Board meeting.

There are things we know we don’t know and probably things we don’t know we don’t know. I ask Castle Parkers to stay responsible, flexible and Safe.

Jim Carr, President
Castle Park Board of Trustees

The Beach

The Weather