Summers Family Applies for CPA Membership

The Summers family, who purchased Windover from Lee Hutchinson, has applied for membership in the Castle Park Association. Aaron & Suzanne Weiss are their sponsors with the hearty endorsement of Nancy and Dick Shepard. Please submit comments regarding the Summers’ application to before May 24. Learn more about the family below:

The Summers family (Michael, Kimberly, Jacob, and Chloe) is excited to join the Castle Park Community. We currently live and work in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Michael – a native Hoosier – is a newspaper publisher, and I am French teacher and department chair at an independent school. I was born and raised in the Detroit area, so Michigan has always been my real home. Jacob is 14 and loves to play and watch soccer, and Chloe is 10 and loves running around CP. We have known about Castle Park for a number of years from Michael’s sister and brother-in-law, Suzanne and Aaron Weiss. Our first stay in CP was in 2011 when we rented the Hoye cottage with the Weiss family. We rented the Windover for five consecutive summers before finally purchasing the cottage in March. Summer evenings on the big porch is one of the things we love most about Castle Park. Our kids have enjoyed summers at Play Class, Thursday evening Bingo Night, late night ghost hunts, and Pool Olympics. Michael and I especially appreciate sunsets on the Dance Dune, sunny days on the beach, and getting to know other Castle Parkers. We have already started the long process of restoring the Windover to its former glory and we look forward to many happy years there.

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