Update: Spring Board Meeting

The CPA Board met by video-conference on May 23. In lieu of the traditional informational meeting, I’m giving you an update here. This message is a bit delayed because Paulette and I were in the middle of our move to CP which we completed last Thursday. I think it is newsworthy that the year-round CP headcount has increased by one household.

Unfortunately, we see breaks in CP traditions coming due to Covid-19. On one hand some things are opening up and that varies with location. On the other, we are getting a LOT of warnings that it is not over. Your Board is striving to do the right thing and keep our community safe.

Michigan still has a “Stay-Home” Executive Order in effect until June 12. Our interpretation of the exception for outdoor activity with social-distancing allows for tennis if you follow the guidelines. Indoor facilities will remain closed until further notice. We look forward to the next Executive Order. We cannot permit violations of law involving the facilities of this social club.

The Board made several decisions:
1) There will be no Play Class this summer. First, families with children come together from all over the country and even the world. Second, the children are uncontrollable little vectors for spreading anything contagious, even if they appear to be unaffected themselves.
2) The pool is tentatively scheduled to open June 26th, but that will be dependent on Michigan Executive Orders.
3) We approved a budget for hand sanitizer stations throughout CP.
4) The Board appointed an ad-hoc committee to prepare guidelines for pool use, Castle use, and a response plan for a Covid-19 outbreak. Those are forthcoming.
5) As reported in the Banner, we approved the nominating committee for new trustees (Aug 2020) including a future president (Aug 2021), comprised of Martha Laughna (ch.), Martha Moyer, Mary Blossom, Leigh Conant, Wil Kernahan, and Dick Shepard. Please submit potential nominees to them.
6) We approved the rental “Best Practices” guidelines which will be posted on the website and distributed to cottagers who rent.

We will continue to post you on substantive developments. We hope to have a real CP opening with information meeting on July 4 weekend. The Board discussed how to conduct an annual meeting in August if we still have restrictions, considering venue, limiting participation per cottage, and electronic media.

Stay safe, be responsible, be flexible.

Jim Carr, President
Castle Park Board of Trustees

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