Updated to the Activities over Labor Day Weekend

In anticipation of the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, and in recognition of continued national, state and local COVID concerns, we’ve made a few changes to the holiday schedule, and this will provide useful information about those adjustments.

The Labor Day Pig Roast—on Saturday evening—will be held as scheduled and we encourage everyone to come to this traditional end-of-summer event.  We want you to know that although the event will be exclusively outdoors, our caterers will be masked as they serve food.  We ask all Castle Parkers and their guests to use their best care and judgment in masking up throughout the weekend.

The dance will be held as planned at 8 p.m. Saturday on the Dance Dune, and while the Old Timers Room will not be open either Saturday or Sunday, those who are moved to do so might gather on the Dance Dune for a BYOB social, instead. The Barnswallow will be open for business this weekend as well (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings).  The Jewelry Fund Raiser will be in the Castle on Sunday 1:00-5:00

Finally, please use your best care and judgment throughout the weekend and throughout Castle Park, in masking and in social distancing.  Don’t attend, or let your loved ones attend, events if they feel sick.  You might even err on the side of wearing the mask, even if vaccinated—and particularly if not, or if  you are in one of the Association’s buildings.

I hope to see you this weekend.


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