Website Profile Updates Back in Action — Please Update as Needed

Apologies to all who tried to follow our earlier directions and found their efforts thwarted by a glitch on the site. That has now been fixed. Thank you all for your patience! It’s now fine to follow directions below.

The annual hardcopy directory will come out again in May, and in order for us to have accurate information, we count on members to update their profiles on the Castle Park website. This is where all the hardcopy directory data comes from. So — please log in to your account and check to make sure your address and contact information are listed correctly. PLEASE MAKE ANY UPDATES BY FEB. 21.

Logging In

This is also the time to assure that you know how to log in correctly. If you have forgotten your username or password, please do not hesitate to contact Martha Laughna ( or Mary Ireland  ( and enter “CP Directory” on the subject line of your email. We want everyone to be ready and able to use the website because everything you would want to know about Castle Park is at your fingertips on the website.

  1. Login at
  2. Click on “My Membership” at the top.
  3. Click on “Your Profile”.  You are able to edit your personal information from here.
  4. Click “Update Profile” at the bottom to save your changes (THIS NOW FUNCTIONS PROPERLY)

Stuck?  Email Mary Ireland at or Martha Laughna at

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